She resides in Lagos and you can aims guys between the ages of 30 in order to forty-five for a critical matchmaking

She resides in Lagos and you can aims guys between the ages of 30 in order to forty-five for a critical matchmaking

25. Camillita was 25 years dated. The woman is finished with their unique BSc and MSc Levels. She retails baby’s clothes and jewelry getting a full time income. She speaks English, Spanish and you can French languages.

twenty six. Jennifer are 42 yrs . old. She lives in Ibadan Nigeria and you will tries guys amongst the many years from 38 to 91 for some time term matchmaking otherwise ping, musical and you may programs.

27. Azeezat, 39 yrs old try good widowed mommy of one whom life inside Kaduna, Nigeria. She is 39 yrs . old and you may seeks dudes between your years off 39 in order to 59 for some time term dating she life together with her child along with her pet cat. Their own monthly money is $three hundred so you’re able to $1000 a month while the she functions once the a professional. She has actually preparing and Tschechisch Frauen treffen traveling a lot.

twenty eight. 38 yrs old Hadasa resides in Kaduna, Nigeria. She life together with her parents and you can seeks guys within many years away from 40 so you’re able to forty eight for some time title dating. She performs once the an assistant and has actually preparing and you can sightseeing a lot.

She loves meet and potatoes

29. Augusta was twenty-eight yrs old. She resides in Vent Harcourt Nigeria and you may aims guys within age 31 so you can thirty-six for some time title relationships and you may wedding. She lives along with her parents and you will hopes for kids someday. The woman is a graduate of Providers Administration.

29. Inyang, 43 yrs old stays in Vent Harcourt, Nigeria. The latest divorced mommy of a single seeks a permanent relationships otherwise relationship out-of dudes between your period of forty-five to 66. She expectations to own alot more high school students in the foreseeable future and you may lifestyle alone. She performs since a receptionist and you will earns lower than $100 30 days. She wants meats and you may potatoes and you will has musical and you may series.

31fort, thirty six yrs old resides in Calabar and you will desires a relationship one to can also be remain the test of time away from men involving the ages 34 so you’re able to 41.

thirty-two. Theresa, 30 years old lives in Calabar, Nigeria. She actually is seeks a beneficial platonic matchmaking out-of guys between your ages from twenty seven to thirty-two. The woman is single and you can accept parents. She’s bachelor’s studies.

33. Dluva was thirty six.she resides in Owerri, Nigeria with roommates. She seeks a long lasting relationship out-of guys within many years away from twenty-eight so you’re able to forty-eight. She’s not very sure from the with high school students down the road.

34. Janet was 40 years dated. She life with moms and dads and you may brings in more $10,000 30 days. She speaks English and you can Foreign language dialects.

She resides in Owerri, Nigeria and you may seeks any relationship sort of off dudes amongst the many years 45 to help you 52

thirty-five. thirty two years old Onyinye stays in Enugu, Nigeria. she tries whichever relationship from men between your many years from 33 so you’re able to 43. The fresh new affiliate education holder which lifestyle together with her parents functions because a reporter. She likes videos and you may cooking.

thirty six. Maryann is twenty five years old. She resides in Enugu Nigeria. She tries a long lasting dating off dudes within many years out-of 33 so you can 42. She actually is already understanding Social Management and lifestyle together with her moms and dads. She enjoys take a trip and you will sightseeing.

37. Michella is actually 37 years of age. She stays in Asaba, Nigeria. She aims dudes amongst the age of 37 so you can 99 to have a permanent relationships or wedding. She life by yourself possesses an associate degree operating Management. She earns lower than $100 four weeks. She likes cooking and you can seeing clips.

38. 27 yrs old Chika are off Asaba, Nigeria. She seeks a long term relationships or wedding away from guys anywhere between the ages out-of twenty-seven so you can 47. This new solitary lady just who life with her parents is not so yes throughout the that have students. She produces $100-$3 hundred 30 days and you can loves seeing video a great deal. 39. Olateju stays in Abeokuta. She’s three decades dated and you will seeks people relationship sorts of from dudes between your ages of 24 to 49. The fresh new graduate degree proprietor life along with her moms and dads and loves ponies. She has actually diving and you will dance much.

forty. Cherry Martins is actually 26 years of age. She stays in Abeokuta, Nigeria. She tries a long term dating otherwise marriage away from men between the ages out of 24 in order to 99. The fresh new single woman whom s upbeat regarding that have students lives which have roommates. She’s an effective Bachelor’s degree inside Societal Sciences and you may produces $1000-$3000 monthly.

41. Reemmy 53 years of age resides in Abeokuta. The widowed mother off four seeks platonic matchmaking particular from dudes between your age of 47 so you’re able to 57. She lifetime along with her students and you will likes horses. The brand new graduate education owner away from business management functions due to the fact an assistant and produces below $100 four weeks. She wants clubbing and sightseeing.

42. Rose was 32 yrs old. She lives in Abuja Nigeria. The brand new solitary lady just who lifestyle together with her moms and dads aims a lengthy title matchmaking otherwise wedding away from guys between your age 34 to 51. She functions because a specialist and you will earns $100-$300 a month. She wants videos and you can activities.

43. Viola was 29 yrs . old. She lives in Abuja, Nigeria. She is single and you may seeks men amongst the ages of twenty-five so you’re able to 31 to own platonic matchmaking.

forty two. 30 yrs old Timeyin resides in Abuja, Nigeria. The fresh new single lady whom lifetime together with her mothers search a speak relationship out of guys between your age of twenty-eight to forty eight. The newest spouse from animals and you can exotic dogs speaks English, French, Language and Italian language. She enjoys hiking, shopping, video clips, sightseeing, tunes and you may shows.

45. Erica, 31 yrs old lives in Port Harcourt and you can seeks a lengthy term relationships otherwise relationship out-of guys involving the ages of 34 so you can 42. She lives alone. She has a graduate education inside the Engineering and performs overall. She earns $1000-$3000 four weeks. She wants preparing, searching and you may clips.

Are you one entitled to matrimony, guy, woman and also you imagine every are destroyed since you have not discover the fresh lady you dream about? Up coming just relax and you may drop the wide variety and you full profile throughout the feedback part lower than. We can help matchmake your with this woman that the cardio therefore needs getting.

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