Caries experience and you can chance symptoms of obtaining ong 65-year-olds in Oslo, Norway: a combination-sectional research

Caries experience and you can chance symptoms of obtaining ong 65-year-olds in Oslo, Norway: a combination-sectional research

Fulfilling new dental health means of your own growing inhabitants off more mature grownups merchandise a major difficulty from inside the dental care. Knowledge about the new oral health condition from the young-earlier age bracket is essential to the think out of future dental wellness studies and you may protection software. The brand new tries of one’s establish data was therefore to research new caries experience one of 65-year-olds for the Oslo, Norway, in order to explore connectivity anywhere between that have rotten pearly whites and you will sociodemographic, behavioural, and you can biological affairs.


A random sample from 65?year?olds when you look at the Oslo replied a survey and you can underwent systematic and you may radiographic assessments (n = 457, 52% men and you can 48% women) on Research Medical center, Faculty of Dentistry, School from Oslo, anywhere between . Primary- and you may secondary coronal and you can root caries sores, sources traces, and you can missing and restored teeth were registered. Decayed teeth (DT) were recognized as white teeth that have coronal- and sources caries lesions which had developed into dentine and you may sources marks, as well as the DMFT/S score had been calculated.

Overall performance

The mean number of teeth was 25 (SD: 4) and the mean DMFT was 19.4 (SD: 4.7). Thirty seven percent of the individuals had at least one decayed tooth (DT > 0), and the mean number of filled teeth (FT) was 16.1 (SD: 5.4). Multivariable logistic regression analysis showed that male gender (OR: 1.8, 95% CI: 1.2–2.8), basic level of education (OR: 1.9, 95% CI: 1.2–2.9), irregular dental attendance (OR: 2.2, 95% CI: 1.0-4.8), and hyposalivation (OR: 2.1, 95% CI: 1.0-4.4) were significant risk indicators for having decayed teeth (DT > 0) (p < 0.05).


To summarize, 65-year-olds within the Oslo got a decreased average number of decayed and you will missing white teeth, and you will a high number of restored pearly whites. Abnormal dental care attendance and you can hyposalivation had been the strongest risk symptoms to own which have rotten pearly whites. In accordance with the introduce efficiency, it would be important to guarantee entry to regular dental and also to enhance the emphasis on caries preventive methods for those with hyposalivation within this age group.


The brand new post-The second world war generation, known as the seniors , are actually typing old-age and you will signifies the greatest proportion out-of this new older population in lots of countries. Inside Scandinavia, the majority of this cohort possess almost over dentitions [dos,step 3,4], and better hopes of setting and you will visual appeals, than the previous cohorts . These circumstances are likely to enhance the demand for dental health features on elderly human population.

Senior years are firmly of multimorbidity and enhanced therapy fool around with , all of which could increase the danger of dental caries owed so you’re able to dental dryness and you will faster capability to worry about-care and attention . On top of that, age-associated changes in new mouth area, for example gingival credit crunch and subsequent exposure from options counters, cause alot more enamel surfaces is subject to caries . Also periodontal disease, dental care caries and its own sequelae are one of the main explanations away from tooth loss one of grownups .

Dental care caries is an excellent multifactorial state, influenced by affairs ranging from physiological, behavioural, psychosocial, and environmental activities . Inadequate oral hygiene , and constant glucose intake [thirteen, 14] are known caries risk evidence. Also, lower income and you may/or lower amount of studies attainment are in the highest levels of unattended dental caries [15,16,17,18]. Likewise, group variables, such as male gender [4, 19, 20] and nation off provider , have also said in order to dictate caries experience. The explanation are you to sociodemographic factors dictate oral health behavior, instance dental hygiene, dietary designs, and use from oral health features . Additionally, monetaray hardship may be a reason for perhaps not gonna regimen dental care check-ups , which in turn can get influence caries manage and you will government. The hierarchical arrangement off proximal (elizabeth.g. salivary condition), advanced (age.grams. oral health-associated behavior), and you may distal (elizabeth.g. socio-demographic) consequences would be considered for the multivariable analyses .

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